Canwest urges employees to cut costs

Over at The Tyee today, David Beers has republished a memo from Canwest Brass Dennis Skulsky and Doug Lamb to staff urging them to control costs. Here’s a snippet:

Date: January 23, 2009

To: All Canwest Publishing

From: Dennis Skulsky and Doug Lamb

Subject: Cost Control

As you know, our business is facing unprecedented pressure due to both the global economic downturn and challenges to our traditional publishing business. The recent voluntary buyout program and cost saving initiatives we have implemented are proving to not be enough to offset advertising revenue shortfalls. We are faced with significant advertising declines across the board but in particular in our employment, real estate and auto advertising categories. As a result, across our organization, teams are taking a hard look at how to affect the one lever we have absolute control over, our costs.

Following are a few initiatives underway and additional tactics that will contribute to our cost savings objectives:

Head over to the Tyee to read the rest.