Capulet Communications to Host Fireworks Factory, a Unique Conference for Web Marketers

The folks behind Capulet Communications have created a three-day conference for “smart web marketers.”

“I think there have been several good marketing events in Vancouver, but no great ones,” says Darren Barefoot. So his team connected with 30 friends and colleagues to pick their brains on the best criteria for a conference.

They determined that the smartest marketers would be there; the conversations would be about web strategy, not WordPress plug-ins; it would be an emerging trust network, where we could talk about failures as well as successes; it wouldn’t have any sponsors; the speakers would have insights to share, not products to sell; and it would take place in a natural setting near, but not in, Vancouver.



Enter the Fireworks Factory. “We’re betting our time and money on the belief that there’s an appetite for this kind of conference in Vancouver,” Barefoot says of the event.

Speakers include Nora Young, the host and the creator of CBC radio show Spark; Lee LeFever of Common Craft; Rob Cottingham of Social Signal; and John Mann, a singer, songwriter, musician, and actor.

Fireworks Factory will take place at the Galiano Inn from June 11 to 13. Learn more or register here.