Car2Go Reaches 1 Million Members with Vancouver Leading Canadian Markets

car2go announced today that its carsharing service has reached one million members with access to 12,000 car2go vehicles in 60 cities within 29 operating Home Areas and eight countries across the globe.

In celebration of its one millionth member milestone, car2go has – for the first time ever – revealed user behavior data from its 60 cities across 29 operating Home Areas around the world, including its Canadian markets Vancouver, Toronto, Calgary and Montreal. 

Vancouver is Car2Go’s largest market in Canada. The company launched in Vancouver in June 2011 and has more than 78,000 members and 750 vehicles.

Calgary’s is Car2Go’s second largest market in Canada. Launching in July 2012, today, there are 73,000 Car2Go members in the city and a fleet of 550 vehicles.

Some global highlights of the data, which analyzes the entire program as well as the individual markets, include:


  • 136,701,662 – The total number of miles driven since car2go launched. This distance equates to traveling to the moon over 568 times. 
  • Over 32 million – The total amount of trips taken since car2go launched. The number of trips equates to the total amount of people living in the top 15 largest cities in North America.   
  • 19 – 25 – The average time (in minutes) of a car2go trip since car2go launched in North America.