Card2Contact is the First Business Card Conversion App for Blackberry with Human Verification

Card2Contact ImagesThere are tons of business card scanners on the market but most of them are not 100 per cent accurate. Typically, card scanner users still have to go in and fix some of the contact details manually when letters are misconstrued as numbers and vice versa. A new Blackberry App called Card2Contact, which launched last month, provides an easy and accurate solution to this problem.

Waterloo’s Card2Contact is the first BlackBerry App that converts business cards into contacts and stores them directly into Blackberry Contacts with 100% accuracy – supported by the company’s Human Verification Workforce.

“Our Card2Contact 3.0 release allows users to see more information in their Contacts page such as browsing all the business cards they have uploaded, and using our in-app email feature to send emails to their contacts instantly while networking. Users can also provide comments, ask for a credit back or reach us by using the support feature in the app,” says Madhu Kesavan, founder and CEO of Card2Contact, and a former consultant for Research in Motion (RIM).

Using the Card2Contact App is easy. Just take a picture of the business card that you want to capture using your Blackberry device. Then, upload the image to the Card2Contact App. The company’s Human Verification Workforce will transcribe the details with 100 per cent accuracy before sending the contact information back to your device. You can then review the contact and/or add the information to your address book on your BlackBerry device. Card2Contact’s team (located in India) works 24/7 to ensure a fast turnaround and a trustworthy service.

Card2Contact supports 36 device models running in OS 5, 6 and 7. The app is available to download for FREE via BlackBerry Appworld. New users will receive 2 complimentary credits that allow for two free card transcriptions to experience the service. After that, users can purchase 15 credits for $4.99, 35 credits for $9.99, or 75 credits for $19.99. Each credit allows you to transcribe one business card.

Here’s a video which explains the app in more detail: