Carnivore Club Launches Crowdfunding Campaign to Bring Artisanal Cured Meats to Canadians

A Toronto-based startup called Carnivore Club has taken to Indiegogo to raise funds to support an “exclusive meats-of-the-month club for discerning individuals.”

The company plans to service customers in Canada and the US, specializing in cured meats and other meat-based food items from charcuterie artisans that are not found at local grocery stores or butcher shops. According to Carnivore, each month members will receive a packed box filled with charcuterie, exotic terrines, and locally crafted jerky from around the world to their doorstep.

Fifty dollars will see members own a a selection of four to six cured meats, ranging from duck breast prosciutto and Pata Negra Iberico ham to Culatello, bison jerky, and five game terrine.



“We’re extremely excited about launching the Carnivore Club brand in both Canada and the United States,” says Tim Ray, cofounder and president of the Carnivore Club. “We think it’s fun and unique while fulfilling a need in a category that is underserved. Right now, every pledge counts, and we’re confident we’ll reach our goal and bring our aspirations to market.”

Through Indiegogo, funders can pledge $7 to show basic support, $50 for a “premier Carnivore Club box,” which includes five  curated meats packed in a numbered, autographed box, or $500 to be are anointed King or Queen Carnivore, which entitles them to a 12-month subscription to Carnivore Club plus a limited edition t-shirt.

Ray carries a MBA from Queens University and is the founder of Foodscrooge, an e-commerce business that provided daily deals through group buying in the grocery market space and generated national attention throughout Canada, including an appearance on CBC Television’s Dragon’s Den. In 2011, Torstar acquired Foodscrooge, which operates today under the WagJag Grocery banner.

With $2,600 of the company’s $10,000 goal already raised, it’s likely that Carnivore will achieve its goal and then some.