– Carpooling for Canadians

Since launching in 2000, almost 500,000 Canadians have visited the site, with more than 10,000 members organizing thousands of carpools online. Calgary, Edmonton, Regina, Kelowna, Kamloops, plus dozens of Canadian universities all use to promote environmentally responsible transportation options.

Can a website prevent global warning, save Canadians money, and help us be more environmentally responsible?’s Anne Marie Thornton thinks so. Like most Canadians, she found commuting to work was slow, frustrating, and stressful. Long lines of cars with no passengers gave her an idea — why not fill those empty seats with people already travelling to and from the same destination at the same time?

Thornton teamed up with Victoria web developer Salus Systems and built North America’s first web-enabled rideshare application. Finding the right domain name was the key to their success. It`s memorable and there is no doubt what you`ll find when you visit the site – Carpooling for Canadians. is featured on highway signs in Calgary, Edmonton, British Columbia’s Okanagan region, and on campuses across Canada. People use the site to find convenient carpool partners, protect the environment, and save and hundreds of dollars annually.

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