Carve out your own niche on Techvibes

We’re looking for guest blog contributors that would like to carve out a niche for themselves on Techvibes.

What do I mean by niche?

Think weekly or monthly features that our readers can look forward to similar to The Network Hub’s Coworking series or Adrian Crook’s Vancouver Game Industry News column (which needs a new curator if anyone is interested).

Pick a vertical industry that you’re a domain expert in or a local tech community you’re immersed in. Or ideally both.

In the case of the coworking series, Yvonne Lum is writing about coworking locations across North America whereas Crook was hyper-focused on everything to do with the gaming industry in Vancouver.

Keep in mind that in many cases Techvibes can fuel your work with press releases, beta access, and demo product we receive as well as media access to some great events and conferences.

Interested? Pitch me on your column and be sure to include some potential blog posts topics and ideally a sample blog post.