CATA WIT Launches BC Chapter With a Lunch

I attended the launch of the BC Chapter of CATA Women in Technology today. The event was attended by more than a hundred women that represented sectors in finance, human resources, entrepreneurship and corporate business. The lunch and break-out session was held at SFU.  For those of you that don’t know, CATA WIT is a national organization that supports women in technology by providing opportunities for career growth, collaboration and fun. They have representations across Canada, the founding chapter being in Ottawa. As explained by some of the speakers, the priorities of the BC Chapter will leverage the national CATA WIT strategy, which include access to knowledge, access to career opportunities and access to capital. Tabitha Creighton, Director of Strategy Practice at Knowledge Tech Consulting and co-Chair of CATA WIT BC says the BC Chapter is special for many reasons.

We really believe that by enabling women, that’s really where women’s craftsmanship can help… and move forward to the next level.  We really want to have this as our watershed event, to bring women together to create the communication to bridge some of the gaps that exist.

I think to me, the event reinforced that women in technology need an organization and access to resources that CATA WIT provides. In particular, there was emphasis on ways to approach financing.  To me, what was interesting was that there was a woman investor speaking about how to approach this topic, (as opposed to a man) which is the only thing I’ve encountered so far.  Not surprising as there are only 2 female VC’s in BC and a total of 10 in Canada (according to the speaker).  In closing, if you’re a woman working in the tech-sector or upstarting or maybe you moved here and need to network, this is an organization to get involved with.   Although still being planned, more events are planned for the future.  An upcoming networking event on June 10th called Women in Tech: Jazz IT UP is taking place at the Westin Grande Hotel on Robson Street between 5:30pm-8pm.