Caterina Fake’s Hunch is Launching Soon and Other Gossip

Lots of buzz around Flickr cofounder Caterina Fake’s new startup, Hunch.  Business Insider reports we could see the “consumer-decision search engine” in beta launching, maybe even as soon as today. 

What else is making news?  It’s Caterina’s other half, Stewart Butterfield. Or actually, it’s his noticeable absence from all the Hunch-hype.  Why do we care? Well, some of you don’t.  But considering they’re Vancouver’s darling IT couple, and that they’ve built their brand on the notion of this uber-cool, husband-and-wife team starting cool things together, it’s worth a mention.  The relationship indeed was a key part of the Flickr story.  And we all know how important that startup story is.  According to Gawker:

One of Fake’s cofounders recently told an investor not to be concerned with Fake’s availability to work, saying she was divorced. If they are, it’s not clear if the couple has actually completed the process; a search of public records did not show a divorce agreement, and Fake and Butterfield did not respond to email inquiries. But their friends agree they are no longer together.

My hunch is that they’re not together…..and this is great PR for the launch.