Caterina Fake’s Hunch Launched: We Have Lift Off

I’m so excited that Hunch is launched.  I got an email this afternoon about it and I had to sign-in and see what all the hype was about. Apparently, invitations were sent out starting Friday.  As we were all speculating before, Hunch is a decision-making tool that answers your question based on ten or fewer questions.  According to Caterina’s blog:

Hunch is a decision-making site, customized for you. Which means Hunch gets to know you, then asks you 10 questions about a topic (usually fewer!), and provides a result — a Hunch, if you will. It gives you results it wouldn’t give other people.

So this is what I asked:

Where in Vancouver Should I Live? It then asks me if I like women with small dogs in their purses. No. Do I want to be close to the beach? Yes. Do I want to be close to nature? Yes. Ah-ha!  It said I should live in North Vancouver as the #1 recommendation.  Do I like the result? Yes I do. (You can click on that.) #2 Recommendation is Kitsilano. #3 is Commercial.  FUN! The wild card pick was Yaletown.  In addition to all the features, (there are so many), you can see why the result was picked for you, write a pro and or con about the result and read a short summary about the area.  The site also suggests other topics you might like answered, you can create your own topics, customize settings and browse all the featured, newest, random and for you hunches.  There are a plethora of things to do on Hunch.  I’m really loving it so far. Great entertainment!