CBC is looking for ‘Canada’s Worst Cellphone Bill’ again, but includes one strange and major flaw

In March of last year, CBC ran an interesting piece titled “Canada’s Worst Cellphone Bill,” which through over 1,000 submissions saw outrageous bill amounts as high as an eye-popping $6,000. Following this, news surfaced bills as large as $8,000, $24,000 and even $47,000.

Well, CBC plans to run round number two:

CBC’s investigative consumer show Marketplace is once again searching for Canada’s worst cellphone bill. Could it be yours?

We’re looking for Canadians who will send us their bills and share their stories. We have an expert standing by who will analyze these bills, and tell you how you can save money, or if you’re being overcharged. Marketplace will tell you the real story behind your bill.

Let us know if you think you’re holding the worst cellphone bill in Canada, and your story could be featured on an upcoming episode on Marketplace. Send us your bill details or upload a video message to us here. 

That’s the official page, and all seems fine and dandy. But on their blog, they ask for Torontonians to come around Friday (tomorrow) because they’re “looking for 60 bills from the big three cell phone companies: Rogers, Bell, and Telus.” Wait, what? Why only those three?

There isn’t really a legitimate reason why they’re only including the Big Three: while it’s probably likely that among them is the biggest bill, an objective, all-encompassing national ‘contest’ as one may call it should include submissions from all carriers – you never know, right? If anything, readers will be curious to see how the newbies stack up against the Big Three when it comes to sky-high bills – and the crazy reasons behind them. 

Whether Wind Mobile, Mobilicity, and Public Mobile get completely snubbed from this list remains to be seen, although it would be a disappointment and a shame if they were (though it’s a strange omission, and one they felt important enough to emphasize on their blog, so something’s up). Either way, we’re bound to see lots of four-digit bills, if not five digits.

I guess the reason is obvious (more money in their pockets), but why don’t these companies hard-cap bills – say, $1,000, or twenty times the base plan amount, or perhaps an amount set at the start of a contract. I mean, what consumer would deliberately rack up $5,000 in a month on their cellphone? I’m sure most would rather buy a new computer, TV, and couch for the same amount.

Have you ever had a crazy bill? How come?