CE3C, MADT and ACAD are happy to present Factory C4A

Those crazy creative kids up at ACAD are putting together a pretty unique opportunity for artists through Factory C4A. 

From February 7 to 11, then February 14 to 18, artists and students can learn computer programming for the creation and manipulation of virtual sculpture, photos, videos, audio and visuals for performance and installation using computers, touchscreens (iPad, iPhones) and projection screens. Check out the Registration and programme information.

Factory C4A is an artist workshop, an intensive bootcamp and an artistic intervention all in one. The project focuses on learning through making. Built on top of Cocoa, C4A is a framework for artistic production created by Travis Kirton. Cocoa is Apple’s development framework for iPhone, iPad and all Mac apps, designed to make it easy to work with drawing, animation, images, and typography. Cocoa’s video, midi and quartz components make it especially suited for creating performance works, VJing, and live visuals.

Factory C4A will run for two one-week sessions. Each session will have 15 full-time participants challenged to learn Cocoa by rapid experimentation.  Doors are open to drop-in participants who may view, test and interact with both the content and the full-time participants.