CellClients.com – no more cancellation fees

Too many dropped calls? Too expensive? Moving? Are you looking to get out of your cell phone contract?

There are many different reasons for wanting to end your relationship with your cell phone company, but there’s almost always one catch: an early cancellation fee. Usually the cancellation fee starts at $100, but it depends on your carrier and the length remaining on your contract; it can cost several hundred dollars to break free.

In the end, it’s usually too expensive to be worthwhile, and rather than overpay to leave, it’s easier to remain an unhappy customer. Sound familiar?

When Bijan Shahrokhi started thinking about trying to end his cell phone contract, he came to realize that with over two years left on his contract, he too would need to spend hundreds of dollars. Rather than giving up, he came up with the idea for CellClients.com

CellClients.com is quite simple; people wanting to cancel their phones advertise their plan (and any incentives for taking it over), and people looking for a cell phone simply browse for a plan that makes sense for them. The idea itself isn’t new, and it isn’t new to cell phones, either. Several websites have the same offer, like Cellswapper and Celltradeusa. So what makes CellClients different?

One of the major differentiating factors is that CellClients is a Toronto-based company established to serve the needs of Canadians. For many people (myself included), with all things being equal, this would be a deciding factor. Another great aspect of CellClients is you can post your cell plan for free, and if and when you get responses, you can choose whether or not to pay one time service fee of $14.90 to unlock the mailbox.

Possibly the best feature, however, is the TXT me feature. Instead of having to check your E-mail to find out if you’ve gotten a response, CellClients can send you a text message so you’re instantly notified that someone is interested in your plan. It makes perfect sense; you obviously have a cell phone, you want to get rid of it, and by finding out the instant someone is interested, you can ensure they don’t move on to a someone else’s plan.

Having a cell phone can be a luxury, but if you’re ready to break free, a cell phone can be a nightmare. With plans in all price ranges, from all carriers, and free, no-obligation postings, CellClients may be your dream come true.