CEO war stories courtesy of the VEF

Successful companies don’t accomplish their goals without struggle and sacrifice, and the Vancouver Enterprise Forum is featuring the CEOs of both Brightside Technologies and Day4 Energy, who will recount “war stories” that illustrate what can be expected in the path from idea to start up to eventual buy out or IPO at the VancCity Theatre starting at 5:30 p.m. on March 25th.

Brightside CEO Richard MacKellar, who sold Brightside to Dolby Laboratories for $28 million, and Day4’s John Macdonald, who completed a TSX IPO of more than $100 million, will explain how a M&A/IPO proceeds, and how senior executives and founders should prepare for the inevitable transition that comes with going public or selling their company.

VEF events have proven to be very popular in the past, so it’s best to register soon.