The Vast Majority of CEOs of Canada’s Fastest-growing Companies are Males

Profit Magazine’s 25th annual ranking of Canada’s Fastest-growing Companies, renamed this year as the Profit 500, have “raised the bar on what it means to thrive in a challenging economy,” according to the publication.

“The trailblazing entrepreneurs on the Profit 500 are a diverse group of super-achievers who prove that there are many paths to success,” Profit Magazine says.

As part of the list, Profit broke down the “anatomy of a CEO,” profiling their ages, compensation, and more.

According to the PROFIT 500, the average age of a CEO of one of Canada’s 500 fastest-growing businesses is 46. Interestingly, only 15% have an MBA. Not surprisingly, 86% are males.

Average compensation for a Profit 500 CEO is $386,000—much higher than the average income of a regular Canadian worker, but far less than the CEO of say, a major telecommunications company like Rogers.

61% of the CEOs are serial entrepreneurs.