Ceridian InView gives management wide-angle view of workforce situation

Big Brother is watching you — and he doesn’t like it when you’re slacking off on the job.

That “Big Brother” is your boss when he’s equipped with the Ceridian InView Workforce Management Solution. It’s a complete HR tracking and reporting software application that allows managers to focus on important tasks without having to fret about employee efficiency. InView consists of seven primary functions:

  • Time & Attendance: tracks employees’ time, calculates gross pay and ensures compliance
  • Labor Scheduling: helps align employee schedules to KPIs, optimizing company performance
  • Labor Tracking: captures activities performed by employees to improve workforce accountability
  • Time Away from Work Manager: synchronizes requests and approvals and ensures adequate coverage
  • Labor Analytics: provides managers a summary of vital workforce data for better planning
  • Data Collection: synchronizes the InView Workforce Management system with time clock punches
  • Alert Notifications: trigger in real time to alert managers of issues requiring immediate attention

With InView, companies can have a more complete and accurate picture of their workforce, its efficiency, needs, strengths and weaknesses. It empowers companies to make better HR decisions and frees up managers to deal with bigger picture issues.

InView is the result of Ceridian investing in Dayforce, a Toronto company dedicated to changing the way operations managers view corporate performance.

“We’re delighted to partner with Dayforce to bring this innovative product to the marketplace,” said Stuart C. Harvey Jr., Ceridian CEO and president, in a press release. “Dayforce’s technological knowledge, development team and agile production capabilities are an impressive complement to Ceridian’s nearly 80 years of industry experience and expertise. We believe the alliance will have a profound impact on how companies manage their human resources in 2011 and beyond.”

So next time you’re thinking of figuratively “screwing the pooch” (third definition), you may want to think twice.


For more info on Ceridian, Dayforce or InView, visit their websites.