Channel and Sales Manager – Skyway West

Skyway West is a privately owned company founded in 1996 to help businesses achieve the benefits of high speed networking supported by reliable connections and connect businesses either directly, or through the Internet, using ADSL, Fiber and Wireless technologies.

Position: Channel and Sales Manager

Description: Persuade LAN integrators and Interconnects that Skyway Internet services and management systems better meet the needs of their customers than competitor offerings. Maintain and nurture existing partners (50) via email, phone, site visits and monthly newsletter. Close referrals.

Experience: WAN and LAN sales, marketing or support experience.

Technical requirements: Understand the benefits of static IP addresses, low latency, low jitter and other determinants of Internet performance and be familiar with private networking, firewalls, Internet bonding and fail over.

Key attributes: Enjoy Internet related work and providing superior support. Answer email and voice messages in a timely manner, pay careful attention to detail and excellent time management skills. Courteous and helpful to other Skyway staff, customers and partners.