Chaordix Adds VP, Client Services and Marketing to Team

Chaordix, a leading provider of managed crowdsourcing communities, announced they are bringing on Richard Einarson to the team. His new role will be as VP of Client Services and Marketing. 

Einarson has over 12 years experience in the software industry, but is most recent known for his work on the “Naheed Nenshi for Mayor” campaign. During the successful campaign, Einarson was responsible for the strategic direction and execution of the social media engagement program. 

“What excites me about Chaordix is that it isn’t just software. It’s a full service package.” says Einarson, “I think that my community engagement experience will be a nice compliment to what Chaordix is already offering it’s clients.” He says he first heard about Chaordix through a blog post about the Nenshi campaign, on the Chaordix website. The post explained how campaign managers crowdsourced the translation of videos and pamphlets. Einarson liked the way Chaordix understood how to maximize the use of social media tools. 

Chaordix already has a strong team and an even stronger board. The board includes Brian Craig, Margot Micallef and Arlene Dickenson, from the popular television show Dragon’s Den.