Chaordix Joins IBM Information Governance Council

Calgary’s Chaordix announced today that it has joined the Information Governance Council (IGC).

The IGC was formed by IBM in 2005 along with dozens of leading corporations, institutions and technology solution providers in a global effort to develop a “blueprint” of common solutions for challenges that apply to security, privacy, trust and corporate compliance issues.

Information Governance is the process by which companies govern appropriate access to their critical data by measuring operational risk and controlling security exposures. The Information Governance Council is working to redefine the management of information governance policy, the impact of policy on business processes and practices, and the enforcement of policy in IT infrastructure, information management and organizational behavior. Members of the Council are collaborating on ways to address these issues using solutions and business concepts from IBM and its business partners.

Chaordix is a leader in delivering technology and know-how to help enterprises adopt crowdsourcing for business advantage. Chaordix products enable organizations to engage a crowd via the web to submit, discuss and often refine and rank submissions to discover the most-likely-to-succeed solutions. Chaordix draws upon crowd wisdom and productive capacity for product innovation, market prediction, research discovery and brand input.

Chaordix will dedicate energy to the IBM Information Governance Council as part of its ongoing effort to equip enterprises to outperform.