Charity App Challenge Launches pledgeCalgary App

A community initiative in Calgary, the Charity App Challenge, has taken a step forward in their goal of helping to close the gap between technology and the non-profit sector. PledgeCalgary, the winning app from the inaugural Charity App Challenge in February 2013, has launched.

The Charity App Challenge, founded by the Calgary Herald, Digital Alberta and Place2Give, was a hackathon to build technology solutions for the charitable sector. The 12 charities of the 2012 Calgary Herald Christmas Fundraiser were invited to participate in creating a solution that would help their organizations grow and engage both new and loyal supporters using creative and innovative technologies.

DMG Marketing Solutions was the winner of the inaugural hackathon, and with the dedicated efforts from the charities, founding partners and industry supporters, pledgeCalgary was created.

PledgeCalgary is a web-based interactive fundraising app that enables charities to expand their donor base by making fundraising entertaining. The app uses the power of social media to help raise awareness and funds for charity organizations. With over 86,000 registered charities in Canada, and the average Canadian donating approximately $209 per year, pledgeCalgary will help charities reach a wider audience and keep their donor base engaged.

“We are so thrilled to launch pledgeCalgary it has been a fantastic experience and we are very proud of the end result,” said Gena Rotstein, CEO of Charity App Challenge and founding partner of Place2Give. “This is about making fundraising entertaining and engaging. Try a Dancewalk for 50 blocks through downtown Calgary, or bathe in a bath of baked beans. It’s about having fun and supporting great causes.”

Check out the app here.