Charles Plant on ‘What VCs Want (and why they call it Vulture Capital)’

MaRS Centre in Toronto recently held an interesting lecture as part of its Entrepreneurship 101 series where it invited Charles Plant to speak about venture capital. Here’s the description:

Charles Plant is an entrepreneur who has been on all sides of the funding equation, from banker, to technology entrepreneur to angel, investment banker and now on the Investment Accelerator Fund Management Committee. He takes you through the steamy underside of VC deals, what some call “The Art of the Deal” — he’ll show you “The Art of the Steal.”

In his presentation (embedded below), he talks about:

  • How VCs make money 
  • What they want in return for their money 
  • How they structure deals 
  • And why they call it “Vulture Capital” 
Check it out:


The presentation slides: