Chatter is abound over Rogers’ new Chatr Wireless

It’s yet another business name missing out on the reader-pronunciation advantages of actually including vowels. But it’s not missing out on any media attention.

Chatr, which reads like “chatter” as Flickr reads like “flicker,” is a new wireless extension of Rogers.

It’s been reported on Aingaran’s Blog that Rogers’s lawyers recently registered the trademark “Chatr Wireless with the Canadian Intellectual Property Office all the way back in September of last year. Chatr would be the third wireless services from the company in addition to Rogers and Fido. The name may include a period between the “t” and “r,” and may be all lowercase, spelling as “chat.r,” but nothing has been officially confirmed.

It’s believed that Chatr will be designed to compete with startups like WIND Mobile, which offer lower price points for their prepaid, unlimited talk and text plans. Speculation is abundant on what Telus and Bell will do to counter once Rogers makes official announcements.

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