Check out how you can check in for the Canadian Cancer Society

Ad agency DDB Canada is giving Canadians the opportunity to donate $10,000 to the Canadian Cancer Society (CCS). All it takes is a few clicks, either from your computer at home or your smartphone.

DDB and CCS offices across Canada will be hosting more than 100 “Check-in for a Cure” virtual venues, and until January 1st, DDB will donate $5 for every person who checks in to one of these venues using their smartphones, to a maximum of $10,000. Nearby “Check-in for a Cure” venues can be found by searching for them on your smartphone and checking-in using Foursquare and Facebook Places.

In addition to checking in on the go, you can donate money by checking in at home. Click here, and once you’ve entered your province and city, your donation is made. As the $10,000 goal gets closer to being realised, the website’s animated characters will get livelier, although I’m sure anyone looking at the site has a hard time imagining that being possible.

You can find out more about DDB here.