Check Out the Most In-Depth Live Demo of RIM’s BlackBerry 10 Yet

Research In Motion has been generating some serious buzz around BlackBerry 10 this month. Lots of live demos have been happening at various events, not to mention RIM has also been dishing out thousands of prototype devices to developers.

And, to the shock of some, the buzz has been mostly positive. Those who have gotten a chance to observe BB10 in the flesh have been largely impressed by it.

At CTIA’s MobileCon in San Diego, TechCrunch took a video of BlackBerry product manager Jeff Gadway showing off a couple of the upcoming platform’s features. The video is only six minutes, but it shows off certain features – such as Hub and Flow – a little more thoroughly than we’ve seen during staged demos.

BlackBerry 10 is still several months away and a lot can and will change in that time. But from what we’ve seen so far, the OS looks super slick and remarkably efficient. Darrel Etherington, who is known as a fan of Apple, had many good things to say about his use of the software:

I’d heard plenty about RIM’s gesture-based navigation “Flow,” but it’s hard to grasp the sense of rhythm you fall into with it until you’ve actually put it through its paces. Likewise, the camera features, including the ability to select better frames for individual faces and components of a shot, feel amazing in practice, and they have a clear use value instead of seeming like novelty gimmicks.

“BB10′s predictive keyboard is also an extremely impressive feature,” he writes. “It’s actually a little frightening how well it can work.”

Not to mention the fact that more Canadians want to buy BB10 than Google’s Android now.