Check out this hands-on video of RIM’s unreleased next-gen BlackBerry Torch

It was expected by some that Waterloo’s Research in Motion would announce the next-gen BlackBerry Torch at BlackBerry World 2011 at the beginning of May—especially considering a phew brief leak videos had already surfaced by then.

Alas, RIM did not. But this new 7-minute video offers the most in-depth look into the device thus far.

The exterior is fairly similar, but on the inside it’s been ramped up with a potent processor, NFC, a new battery, and BlackBerry OS 7 (which should be the QNX-integrated OS akin to the PlayBook’s). Its display is the same size (regrettably small at 3.2 inches) but the resolution has been amped up (although nowhere near the iPhone’s retina display).

Video after the jump. Mobile users go here