ChickAdvisor Gets New Rogers Media Video Series

ChickAdvisor, a Toronto-based social media website where women can get advice and recommendations from other women on health, fashion and other trends, is about to get a glossy traditional media boost from Rogers Media.

Rogers Media is sponsoring ChickAdvisor’s latest video series, “ChickChat TV” a video series that poses tough questions to strangers on the street about life, love and style. De Bold’s first series, “Where’d You Get That?” launched last summer, sponsored by Slice (formerly Alliance Atlantis).

The videos for “ChickChat TV” are based on the discussions on ChickAdvisor’s popular forums, ChickChat. Questions posed to unsuspecting strangers include: ‘Would you take back a cheater?’ ‘”Who should pay for the first date?’ ‘Can Dudes be Fashionistas too?’ (Answers: Inadvisable; the guy, unless he’s intending on it being the last date as well; Nooooooooooo).

According to the website, “the series will air in Fall 2008 on and Rogers Media properties including their Pizza Pizza network, which have a combined reach of over 685,000 viewers per week.” The series is also being sponsored by Zipcar. It includes 20 episodes at 90 seconds each and is planned to run for several seasons.

This development is a big deal for a website planned and produced in between the co-founders’ full time school and work gigs. The website has grown across North America to include 13 local city editions and over 4,000 reviews from women on their favorite products and places locally and online.