Chill Out and Relax During Vancouver Startup Week

Vancouver is half way through Startup Week and the city is on information overload.

If you’re part of the startup community your schedule has been jam-packed with keynotes, workshops, and presentations.

If you just need to take a night off to relax and recharge your batteries, check out The Profile’s casual evening lineup of ‘unofficial’ events tonight, Thursday, and Friday.

Wednesday night: Following an Equity Crowdfunding Panel at 6:00pm, the Steamworks’ Uber lounge will transform into an Investor’s Lounge and all Vancouver Startup Week access pass holders are welcome.

Aim to be there by 8:00pm when sponsors will be picking up the tab for drinks and appies. Entertainment will be provided by Jordan Hart. Grab a FREE VIP ticket now.

Thursday night: Doors open at The Profile for musical performances by special guests Shaun Verreault, lead singer of Wide Mouth Mason and DJ EIGHTY8. Your concert ticket includes food and some great tunes. Grab one of the remaining FREE VIP tickets.

Friday night: The Profile’s Kevin Penstock and Wavefront’s Bill McGraw will have a fireside chat with startup guru and investor Paul Singh. This informal conversation will include a scotch-tasting. Tickets are invite-only, so start figuring out who you know that might be able to get you one.