Church struggles with relevance, concocts idea to bless peoples’ cellphones and other tech devices

“It’s not just about ‘please don’t let my cellphone drop calls today,’” says Lisa Vaughn, pastor of the Anglican parish of St. Timothy. “It’s about, you know, help me to be the best Christian, the best person I can be in my conversations, in my communication.”

Lisa is eager to keep her parish relevant in the face of declining church attendance nationwide, according to The Globe and Mail, and is therefore asking users of mobile devices and other tech gadgets to bring them in for a special blessing this weekend.

At her modest church, the first clue to Lisa’s attitude is a poster that adapts the iconic ad for the Apple iPod, using the tag iPray. Her approach fits with moves the national church has made to be more savvy about modern technology. The faithful and curious can come together on Facebook and follow Twitter updates. 

“There may be people who say this is silly, blessing a phone,” Lisa acknowledges in The Globe. “But we’re really blessing the person. It’s reminding people that God is with them in their work, in their play. And [they] need to be mindful of that. It’s not just once a week or only on Christmas.”

A bizarre attempt to remain relevant, indeed.