Cineplex to Rent Screens to Gamers

Want a bachelor party option that is cheaper than strippers but will still leave your friends gawking wide-eyed? Via Crunchgear and CBC comes word that Cineplex Entertainment will offer their idle theatres for rent by gamers. At $179 for two hours, up to 12 people can have a theatre to themselves with an Xbox 360 hooked up to the theatre screen. These gaming sessions are slightly more expensive than seeing a movie in the same theatre, and significantly more expensive than gaming in my apartment, but far more novel.

The pricing model is new, but the idea isn’t. I recall back in 1993, Cineplex Odeon put on events where people could play Super Nintendo on the theatre screen. Of course, the HD resolutions of an Xbox 360 will do the big screen far more justice than a low resolution Super Nintendo, where one pixel would have been the size of your fist.

Two hours in a theatre with your best buds: what game would you play?