CIRA Getting ready for Conficker C Worm

Is it an April Fool’s hoaks or is a Conficker C ready to launch a massive offensive on April 1st? The Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA) is not taking chances.

Conficker C is the latest variant of a malicious Internet software program that acts in two stages. The first stage has infected potentially millions of computers around the world and, beginning April 1, is expected to try to communicate with command codes placed on web sites by the worm’s authors.

In a pre-emptive effort to counter the worm, CIRA has registered and isolated previously unregistered dot-ca domain names expected to be generated over the next 12 months by the worm.

In an effort to shield their activities from Internet security authorities, Conficker C’s authors have programmed their worm to randomly generate domain names from 110 country-code domains around the world, including dot-ca. CIRA has put in place a plan to counter this potential misuse of the dot-ca registry and to maintain its integrity as one of the most secure and robust domains in the world.