CIRA Takes Important Step in Making Internet More Secure for Canadians

The Canadian Internet Registration Authority has taken “a critical step” in making the internet more secure for Canadians. As part the CIRA’s planned implementation of Domain Name System Security Extensions, it released a DNSSEC Practice Statement to provide this service to Canada.

“CIRA is committed to providing Canadian Internet users with a safe, secure and trusted online experience,” said CIRA’s President and CEO Byron Holland. “DNSSEC is the next logical step in securing DNS services and protecting Canadians online.”

DNSSEC is an important set of extensions that provide an extra layer of security to the domain name system, the system the Internet uses to translate your domain name from its commonly used URL into its numerical Internet protocol address.

The DPS provides an operational outline of all the details on how CIRA plans to develop, maintain and manage DNSSEC deployment. CIRA is inviting comments on its DPS. 

In addition to the DPS, CIRA also launched an online knowledge centre dedicated to DNSSEC. The knowledge centre includes resources for Canadians to learn about why DNSSEC is important and how CIRA plans to implement it.