City of Ottawa officially announces Apps4Ottawa contest

ith the adoption of an Open Data policy, the City of Ottawa is now challenges developers to use now public city information to create applications to help residents get more information.

“The City wants to encourage residents to develop innovative new apps that use City data, which has recently been made available through our Open Data initiative, to improve community experience, stimulate economic growth and engage residents in municipal government,” said Guy Michaud, Director of IT Services and Chief Information Officer for the City of Ottawa in a press release. ”It’s a wonderful way to tap into knowledge and expertise in our community to create exciting and useful applications.”

The contest, dubbed Apps4Ottawa, is seek entries in five categories: Having Fun in Ottawa, Getting Around, Green Environment/Sustainability, Community Building and Economic Development.

Grand prize winners for each category will receive $5000, with smaller prizes for Gold, Silver and Bronze winners.

Entries will be judged between Jan. 4th to Jan. 28th, 2011, during which time judges will be looking at usefulness, inventiveness, originality and each of use.

Data sets for use in building the apps can be found in the City of Ottawa’s Open Data Catalogue.

Additional information on the contest is at the Apps4Ottawa website.