City of Toronto Web 2.0 Summit

The City of Toronto is hosting a Web 2.0 Summit on November 26th & 27th this week in the Toronto Council Chamber. The two-day summit will be an interactive forum to explore how Web 2.0 technology can change the way governments interact with citizens, create policies and make decisions. The Web 2.0 Summit is an opportunity to:

  • Share ideas about how Web 2.0 and social media can increase civic engagement, reach all communities and improve City services.
  • Learn new ways for elected officials to engage communities on the services that affect their quality of life.
  • Help build the Web service strategy for Canada’s largest city.

People from government, educational institutions, various organizations and businesses will converge at the City of Toronto Web 2.0 Summit for better communication, better government and better democracy. Summit organizers expect over 300 people in the Toronto Council Chamber amd will be webcasting the event to encourage public participation in panel discussions.