CityXpress Acquires Vancouver Daily Deal Site Grooster

Vancouver’s CityXpress announced today the acquisition of local daily deal site Grooster.

CityXpress currently partners with PostMedia Network in the operation and development of SwarmJam, a national Daily Deal site. As a result of this acquistion, the Grooster site will be shut down and the companies will continue to provide ongoing marketing and advertising programs to newspaper publishers worldwide. 

With the acquisition, Grooster’s CEO and Founder, Lesel Radage, joins CityXpress as the VP of Business Development and will head the launch of several new products that CityXpress is developing. “Grooster developed a loyal following of customers and had a great retention rate with local merchants. CityXpress sees the value that Radage can bring to grow a new suite of products that better connect merchants and local consumers,” said CityXpress CEO Phil Dubois.

This summer CityXpress is planning the launch of two new products: The CityGuide, an online magazine to complement their existing SwarmJam online offers and XpressPoints, an expansion of their existing Reward Points program.  Both of these aim to provide sustainable and on-going promotional programs aimed at local merchants while generating revenue for their newspaper publishing partners.