CIX: Akoha & Bitcasters

Akoha‘s Founder Austin Hill kicked off the second tranche of presentations in the afternoon with the story of his current start-up and it’s recent success. Hill sees a billion dollar game opportunity with a massively multi-player reality game based on the concept of Pay-It-Forward. Hill asked the audience to keep the Akoha story quiet until launch in September 2008 but did suggest that Akoha will be the first online game invited on to Oprah. Nathan Gunn of Bitcasters presented their Fantasy Social Networks concept – an environment targeted to casual online gamers. Gunn believes that the success of Club Penguin, Zygna, etc. demonstrate a huge market for games that facilitate interaction with friends online. Fantasy Social Networks will provide Hollywood, Music, Fashion, and Sport themed environments with the ability to build characters, play activities/games, and trade and purchase items.