CIX: PlanetEye & Redwood Technologies

Toronto’s PlanetEye is a destination site for travelers looking for a new way to plan a trip. First and foremost, PlanetEye combines geo-tagged photographs with leading edge mapping technology. On top of that layer PlanetEye aggregates advice from locals and travelers to inspire desitination exploration and assist in making trip planning decisions. PlanetEye’s Travel Pack concept allows you to treat their site as a electronic manila envelope for all your trip planning newspaper clippings. Affiliate relationships with partners such as OpenTable and StubHub allow travelers to book the majority of their itinerary all from one site.

Calgary’s Redwood Technologies is tackling wireless carriers biggest problem, the three B’s: Businesspeople Blackberrys, and Billing. While business people love using their wireless device all month long, the end of the month almost always results in sticker shock when they receive their monthly bill. Redwood’s primary service is momentem – a mobile telecom expense management subscription service for busy professionals. With momentem software on your handset, you have the ability to tag calls, emails, expenses and your activity in real-time. Allocate the information to clients and projects, attach notes or action items for reminder email follow-up, while flagging billable time or cost, all to assist in billing clients and/or making sense of your monthly cell phone bill via their reporting function. Sidenote – Redwood was Company Of The Year at the Banff Venture Forum last year.