CIX: Standout Jobs & Streametrics

Ben Yoskovitz of Montreal’s Standout Jobs presented their software tools that help companies market and promote themselves in the recruiting space. Standout Jobs helps companies demonstrate their culture, brand, and team using social media and multimedia tools such as video. Techvibes covered Standout’s launch at DEMO in January as well as their recent funding announcement. Yoskovitz used the event to announce Standout’s newest product, JobSense – think Google AdSense for Jobs. Currently in private alpha, the JobSense ad network promises to insure that relevant jobs are served up partner websites.

Fellow Montreal start-up Streametrics was up next with Loic Guillard demonstrating how his company has developed tracking reports for publishers to help them understand how their online video content is consumed. Streametrics produce 3rd party analytic reports based on consumption to help publishers and advertisers measure their return on investment.