CIX Top 20: Enstream & Zoompass

The Canadian Innovation Exchange is underway and up first in the CIX Top 20 presentations is EnStream LP. EnStream is a joint venture of Bell Canada, Rogers Communications, and TELUS Corporation and is headquartered in Toronto. Of course partnering up hasn’t stopped the Big Three from continuing to battle in the courts.

EnStream is developing a mobile commerce gateway that facilitates secure wireless payment transactions while standardizing the user experience across wireless providers, devices and payment networks.

EnStream’s flagship product is Zoompass, a mobile payment service that uses a stored value account to send/receive money quickly and securely through any mobile phone on one of their three partner networks.

EnStream’s VP of Finance Sanjay Dhawan worked his way though some content heavy powerpoint slides however some of the expert commentators questioned whether Enstream might be a little late to the party considering initiatives like PayPal Mobile.