CIX Top 20: Peerset

Up next in the Digital Media stream at the CIX Top 20 is Toronto’s Peerset and their CEO Mike JB John-Baptiste.

Peerset, the science of infinite connections, is an advertising data tool that generates psychographic recommendations and ad placement, based on comprehensive content analysis.

Peerset’s technology organically links interests, values, lifestyles and attitudes, enabling advertisers and publishers to target expanded audiences across the web.

In an effort to help advertisers reach key consumers, Peerset offers a psycho-graphic targeting tool. Peerset’s targeting algorithm takes keywords and meta data from online profiles and matches them with relevant information. Similiar to dating sites where users receive recommendations on potential mates, Peerset users receive advertisements and deals on relevant products and services. This chart that recently appeared on ReadWriteStart explains the process better than I can:



Founded in 2005, Peerset is a privately held company and was previously known as Ontogenix. Investors include GrowthWorks and strategic investor Pareto Corporation.