CIX Top 20: Rypple

Third up during the ICT stream of today’s CIX Top 20 presentations is Daniel Debow, Co-CEO of Rypple. Rypple is a tool that allows companies and their employees to get frequent feedback that they both can turn into real action, continuous improvement, and success.

Techvibes’ Divesh Sisodraker covered Rypple back in March and didn’t hide his feelings.

My favorite, and not just because Peter Thiel has invested, or because it was started by a couple of friends, is a company called Rypple. The premise is dead simple, but the results are outstanding. Within just a few minutes, you can ask questions of people you trust, get feedback them, and use that feedback to improve your own personal performance. The neat thing about the model is that it takes performance management away from an employer led annual hand wringing exercise, and puts it into the hands of individuals into a continuous feedback loop.

Today’s panel of expert commentators seemed to agree with Sisodraker, so we may be hearing more from Rypple by the end of the day.