Clarity Accounting counts on success at Launch Party

Clarity Accounting demoed its online accounting application geared for small and medium businesses at Launch Party on Thursday night in downtown Vancouver.

Accounting software can be complicated. But it doesn’t need to be. Clarity Accounting shows it can be so simple you might actually look forward to filing invoices… which would be a good thing, since that’s a necessary step in getting paid.

Following in the footsteps of business apps like, Clarity Accounting is helping small and medium businesses level the playing field by allowing them to do their accounting on a secure online site. Professional accountants and bookkeepers are starting to use the application as well. The app is protected by SSL security encryption (the same thing the big banks use) to keep prying eyes of cyber criminals away from your sensitive financial info. The Clarity Accounting home page highlights its main benefits:

“Our simple and intuitive design makes it easy and effortless for small businesses to keep track of the income and expenses. Create and send unlimited number of invoices in pdf format. You can help save some trees by sending invoices electronically”.

The service allows for automatic data backup and unlimited data storage, multi-user support and easy remote access for bookkeepers on the move.

Clear business use, check. Potentially scalable to serve millions of customers, check. Looks like Clarity Accounting can count on building its business model fast.