Clarity Launches Answers, a Feature That’s Like ‘Quora with a Business Model’

Clarity, a micro-consulting platform that enables the exchange of high-impact business advice, on demand, over the phone, today launched Answers, a new feature that it describes as “like Quora, only with a business model.”

According to Clarity, “it’s the easiest way to ask a professional question (for free) and get an experts answer within minutes. The coolest part, is that, if necessary—you can then follow up directly with a call.”

Clarity, which has raised money from prominent investors including Mark Cuban and Boris Wertz, pays experts to answer the questions and says “many experts make over $1,000 per month.”

In a limited beta, Clarity—which was founded by serial entrepreneur Dan Martell—had more than 200 questions asked. Most were answered within 15 minutes, getting an average of 2.4 answers. The startup reports a 5% conversion from question to follow up call request.

Learn more about Clarity’s Answers feature in their blog post.