Canadian Startup Clarity Raises $1.6 Million Seed Round from Mark Cuban and Others

Clarity has raised $1.6 million in seed funding from Real Ventures, 500 Startups, Mark Cuban, Boris Wertz, Howard Lindzon, and more. The investors seem evenly split between Canada, where Clarity was born, and the US, where more of its customers are.

Founded by New Brunswick native Dan Martell, who also launched and sold Flowtown, Clarity is also launching a new product. Called Clarity Needs, a “streamlined way to help entrepreneurs identify the right person to ask for advice.”

“Our investors are nothing short of amazing,” says Dan. According to Dan, the injection of capital will go toward development and growth of the company, including the addition of key hires to their engineering team and the expansion of Clarity in more countries with greater localization.

Finally, to coincide with today’s funding announcement, Clarity has also launched their new blog dedicated to entrepreneurial education. Described as a “window into the life of an entrepreneur,” the blog will offer resources collaborated on by community members. It will be “often edgy and raw,” which Clarity says is a welcomed change for some entrepreneurs who may feel others are quick to tell them what they want to hear.

“We’re not only helping entrepreneurs get unstuck—we’re offering a lifeline,” explains Dan Martell. “Without trust, what is advice worth?”

Clarity was launched in May and has processed over 12,000 calls from 47 countries.