Cleankeys Touch Tapping Their Way to a Cleaner Workplace

The Canadian Financing Forum took place this week in Vancouver and Chris Forrest took in a handful of the Cleantech presentations. This blog post is the second in a series of five.

Did you know that more that 100,000 people in North America died from hospital-acquired infections (HAI) last year.  That is more than from murders, suicides, motor vehicle fatalities, and AIDs – COMBINED.  It’s interesting to note that many of these illness or deaths can be traced backed to the common keyboard, a breading grown for bacteria.

Cleankeys has patent pending technologies for a smooth surface, sealed keyboard with superior tap vs. touch logic.  They are currently working on the second generation of the product to include more consumer friendly features including wireless capabilities.

They have identified two major market streams for their product.  The vertical channel includes hospital and dental offices and the potentially larger market includes schools and homes.  Cleankeys is focusing on establishing itself in the dentistry channel and has established distribution agreements with more than 70% of the US dentistry market.  This channel has an expected market potential over $6B.

Cleankeys is looking to raise $5 Million to ramp up their sales and marketing efforts.  With the financing they will build awareness and establish a channel for a line of Cleankeys branded extensions.

It will be interesting to see if the major peripheral players in the market will look to Cleankeys for a licensing agreement.