Clearly Contacts Launches Unique Promotions Campaign

If you happened to be in downtown Vancouver yesterday, you might have been one of the lucky 500 people who nabbed a free pair of eyeglasses from

All you needed to do was enter a special code online, and voila, the glasses were yours!  Canada’s largest online optical store is progressive in its marketing strategy–combining an online campaign, followed up by a smart TV campaign that reps say starts a word of mouth wave in each targeted city. 

Jennifer Harvey, the Communications Manager for the project says that although the company has a large international reach, they really want to re-connect with people in Canada and spread the word about online shopping.

This promotion is a chance for us to introduce ourselves to the Canadian audience. Many people are unaware that they can purchase eyeglasses online, and the people who are aware, may not realize how high the quality can be, and how low the prices are.

The company plans to roll-out similar concepts in different cities throughout Canada (and the U.S.) to introduce consumers to online shopping for vision care products.  Similar events have previously been launched in Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Toronto and Seattle this year, and will continue to spread as Clearly Contacts offers free eyeglasses to Canadians across the country.