Clicktoy Protects Computers & Toddlers

As the diehard laptop user and father of a 15 month-old daughter, I didn’t hesitate opening an email I received today with the subject line: Vancouver’s Clicktoy game turns PC into fun software playpen for toddlers.

You see, toddlers gravitate to whatever expensive electronic gadget you have in your hand whether it be a remote control, your BlackBerry, or your work laptop. In the case of a remote not much damage can be done and a BlackBerry can be powered down quickly but a laptop computer is a different animal.

Enter Clicktoy Interactive. Clicktoy Interactive was created by Ken Kavanagh, a former Electronic Arts software engineer who most recently worked on NBA Live 2007 and FIFA Street V2. Their first game – The Meadow – just launched and is aimed at young children who are just beginning to get into educational games. The Meadow has been designed to be like an interactive book with each key on the keyboard corresponding to an action on the screen.

For the first time parents will be able to feel safe allowing their kids to play on the computer. The game runs completely from a CD which should eliminate any damage occurring to the computer and the game has a mode that locks down all keyboard and mouse functionality so that a child cannot accidentally leave the game environment.

Smart idea Ken – I’ll be grabbing a copy online for $20 tonight.