ClimateSpark Challenge looking for the next great green idea

Got any thoughts about how to solve that whole climate change mess? How about some thoughts about others’ thoughts about how to solve that whole climate change mess?

The Toronto Atmospheric fund is reaching out to innovators and social networkers for their ClimateSpark challenge, an effort to find effective and profitable solutions to the problem of global climate change. If you’re involved in green technology or are just passionate about the environment, this is for you.

Business innovators will be submitting ideas for a service or product that could reduce carbon emissions; maybe by using less energy, reducing waste or by generating clean power. Then, the Challenge Community — “anyone with an interest in climate and internet access” — will start commenting on these ideas and earn points based on the quality of their contributions. The ideas with the most points will be shortlisted, and users who earn the most points are eligible for prizes.

From the shortlist, a panel of experts, in conjunction with the Challenge Community, will decide which ideas are the most deserving of funding. The winner will receive $10,000 in cash and an opportunity to secure up to $500,000 in financing from the Toronto Atmospheric Fund. Runners up and participants are eligible for other prizes, such as business services or tickets to the Toronto Atmospheric Fund’s Climate Solutions Summit.

The ClimateSpark Challenge officially launches November 3rd. For more information about the Challenge, or to submit an idea, visit