Clio Brings SaaS Legal Practice Management to Small Firms

ClioLast week, North Vancouver’s Themis Solutions launched Clio, a web-based legal practice management app. Targeting solo lawyers and small firms, Clio does case management, time tracking, billing and reporting, client management, document management, task scheduling, and accounting. While large firms likely have in-house, enterprise systems for these tasks, Clio is attempting to capture the long tail of small firms that are under-served by solutions providers.

A hosted, software-as-a-service solution means that lawyers don’t have to deal with the technical aspects of setting up and supporting the system. Data is secured with 256-bit SSL, and backed up daily to secure, offsite, geographically distributed facilities. Being web-based, it can be securely accessed from anywhere with an internet connection. Given that the monthly fee for Clio is lower than most lawyers’ hourly rates, the value proposition of this service should be an open and shut case.