Vancouver’s Clio Dazzles Attendees with Refreshing Take on Law Conference in Chicago

When someone says “law conference,” it’s unlikely to conjure any riveting thoughts.

But Clio, a cloud-based legal practice management platform, is shifting that trend. Earlier this month the Canadian company held its Cloud Conference in Chicago.

The two-day, three-track conference wasn’t a revolution, but it was certainly an evolution—one which the stuffy law space has not seen in events for a long time. The refreshing event discussed very modern issues, such as cloud security, taking practices virtual and mobile, and how to market in the age of social media. Clio also hosted a Smart Bar, where company experts made themselves available to consult with attendees on their specific user issues at no charge.

A solid roster of keynote speakers, including Clio CEO Jack Newton and Riverview Law’s Andy Daws, impressed audiences with lively talks and timely tips. Newton made a point of announcing Clio’s new iPhone app, its first dedicated iOS app and one that allows lawyers to fully access the company’s platform from any iOS device. He also noted an Android version was in development.

In his opening keynote, Jack Newton also unveiled results of a recent survey of Clio users that found, on average, Clio saved each of its customers 1.7 hours per day of time, or 8.5 hours a week. During the presentation Newton coined this saved time a “Clio day,” effectively an extra day a week that Clio users gain through the efficiencies of using Clio in their law practice. Over the course of the Clio Cloud Conference a Clio firm crew captured attendee’s responses to how they would spend their “Clio day;” a short film based on this material will be released in November, the company says.

The energy Clio brought to its law conference showed that there is tremendous room for improvement in the space. And we’re happy to see that a Canadian startup is leading that charge.