Clio Unveils First Major Overhaul of Its Cloud-based Platform Since Inception Five Years Ago

Clio announced this week a “comprehensive redesign” of its interface as well as the introduction of new features, marking the first major overhaul of the look and feel of the company’s application since the product’s inception.

The cloud-based practice management platform for the legal industry says the new design reflects five years of user testing and customer feedback and aims to improve efficiency and productivity for law firms of all sizes.

“By unifying modern design elements across Clio’s mobile and web application, Clio customers will have the same exceptional user experience accessing their account from a phone, tablet or computer,” the Canadian company explains.

“We’re incredibly excited to usher in a new era of productivity for legal professionals with the first ground-up redesign of Clio’s user interface,” said Jack Newton, Clio’s CEO. “Clio’s new interface and capabilities offers a dramatic leap forward in terms of design, usability, and efficiency.”

The first round updates will be released in early February.

“We know that running a legal practice can generate a ton of data, and we’re taking great care to present that data in a manageable, less cluttered way,” noted Jason LaRiviere, Clio’s Creative Director. “The mantra we took when conceptualizing these changes was simple. How can we make Clio better for us customers, full stop.”

Clio was founded in 2009. Newton was a finalist for Entrepreneur of the Year in the 2013 Canadian Startup Awards.